Strategic Alliances

Benchmark Partners AG has an international network of partner companies with whom we work together. This allows us to bundle resources and to have access to specific expertise and local knowledge.

  • Paprico AG, Baar, Switzerland: specialists on transaction management, fund reporting, due diligence.

  • Cayla Consulting Group, Zurich, Munich, Germany: advisors on M&A transactions.

  • Transmatch B.V., Soest, The Netherlands: corporate finance and transaction management.

  • CapitalOne Partners SA, Luxembourg: financial services, issuers of secured debt instruments.

  • Beacon Equity Partners LLC, Boston, USA: private equity investments.

  • Ottmann Property Networks, Munich, Germany: consultants on real estate, international project finance.

  • BT Biomass Technologies AG, Baar, Switzerland: development of biomass and bioenergy projects.